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Lost Boy [ErenXReader]
There was a time, when I was alone… Nowhere to go and no place to call home…

       I lay on the tiled roof, my head resting where it arched into a triangular shape. My hands lay behind my head, my [H/L], [H/C] hair being teased by the gentle wind. I looked up and smiled weakly at the moon as it showered me with its gentle light, a creamy glow cascading over London.
My only friend was the man in the moon, and even sometimes he would go away, too…

Then one night as I closed my eyes, I saw a shadow flying high

       As I lay there in my usual spot on that tiled roof, as I was simply another lost soul in London’s streets, my eyelids began to flutter closed. As I was about to effortlessly drift into a peaceful night’s slumber, I saw a figure zoom through the sky (WE’RE GOIN’ ON A TRIP, IN OUR FAVORITE ROCKET SHIP. ZOOMIN THROUGHHH
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A Soft Green Pillow [ErenXReader] (THG+SNK)
Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes
And when they open, the sun will rise
Here it’s safe, here it’s warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow beings them true
Here is the place when I love you.
       He sings to me, the warm crimson fluid still pouring from my deep wound. The boy from District 1’s spear still deep in my stomach, his body lying lifeless a few feet away –Eren’s arrow still deep in the boy’s chest.
       I see that the brown-haired male is using every ounce of will within him to hold back the tears that were clouding his beautiful eyes.
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You Saved Me [LeviXReader] *POSSIBLY TRIGGERING*
       You lay in your bed, your head buried in your pillow to muffle the sobs shaking your body.
       You did not want to wake him. Levi Ackerman, the love of your life and current boyfriend, lay next to you, seemingly sleeping deeply and soundly. As you continued with your fits of crying, dark thoughts whirled in your brain.
Why me? Why does he bother... with me?! No one does this for me...
What did I do wrong?...
       You flinched at the sudden sound. Keeping your face buried in your pillow, you hummed in response.
       "I know you were crying, brat; I'm not deaf. What's the matter?" he asked, shaking your shoulder gently.
       "Nuh-uh..." you muttered childishly, shaking your head.
       He sighed.
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Just in case you wanted to know how I look :) by its-veronica Just in case you wanted to know how I look :) :iconits-veronica:its-veronica 1 16
Okay. [ErenXReader] [SNK+TFIOS]
      I believe we have a choice in this word –about how to tell sad stories…
      I was only seventeen, and he was the star-crossed love of my life. At first, he was just a dude in counseling – lost his leg in action. He was saving his best friend, and for that, of course I admired him – at least a little. I never thought I’d get to know him. I never thought we’d fall in love. I never thought we’d go outside the walls together.
       We hadn’t defeated the titans just yet, but we both had the same passion for the outside world – even though neither of us had ever seen it. We both felt entitled to it; we’d earned seeing the outside just by being here, somehow. So, after reclaiming Trost, while everyone was celebrating, we snuck out; we used our maneuver gear to climb the walls, and we were out. At first, we didn’t know what to look for, or how much time we had
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Spiders [ErenXReader]
      Your shrill scream erupted from your throat and echoed against the cream-colored walls of your new apartment.
      Eren, the man (more specifically, your boyfriend) whom you shared said apartment with, came rushing from your bedroom and into the living room, where you now stood on the wooden coffee table.
“[First]! WHAT’S WRONG?!”
      He stared at you for a second, blinked, and began laughing hysterically.
“For real? A spider? P-Pfft…”
“Yes it kind of is…”
      You groaned.
“Just, please kill it…” You whined, shifting your weight.
“Where is it?” He muttered, obviously not amused with your fear of the eight-legged demons.
      You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. You rolled your eyes and pointed to the floor under your table.
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This is Kind of Depressing, but hey - YOLO
I’ve recently been thinking a lot about my future. My mom is always talking about jobs and scholarships and stuff like that, but all it does it stress me out. I’m TWELVE YEARS OLD!  I want to be a kid like everyone else. I want to be able to go out and have fun instead of always studying and doing homework and practicing music and writing (like I am right now, but whatever).
I’m literally sitting here crying because I want so desperately to be able to just be a kid. I had to grow up before I was ready and now I guess I’m scared that now I really do. I don’t even know why I had to grow up so fast; it has only brought me complete misery and stress and thoughts twelve year olds shouldn’t have. All this stress has done is made me feel like I’m never going to get anywhere and I’m just a failure and my whole life has been a complete waste of time and energy because I’ve done it all wrong.
And I know you’re all thinking I’
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My Lady Thing... [MakotoXReader]
      You sat in your bed, curled up in a little ball, your teeth clenched from the pain.
      Yes, it was that time of the month, and boy, were you loving it. Not.
      You picked up your cell phone and dialed his number. He answered on the second ring.
“Come oveeeerrrrrr!”
“I’m in pain and I nee-“
“I’m on my way.”
      In 15 minutes there was a soft knock on your door.
“[F/N]? I’m here!”
      You pulled yourself from your slightly less painful position and stumbled to the door.
      First thing when the door was opened, he threw his arms around you.
You laughed.
“Mako, I’m fine… Just-“You winced. “It’s my uh… lady
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Vaccinations: Chapter One
Chapter One: Disaster
      It was now two months into school –almost Halloween- and things were going pretty well. The squad was all back together, and there we were –out on the field. It was just a normal day; the sun was shining, white puffy clouds decorated the sky and floated carelessly around –their bright wide color popping against the brilliant blue. We were all talking and laughing like we normally do, when I noticed a helicopter flying above the gas station next to the school. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much, but the one thing that caught, and held, my attention, was how low it was flying. It wasn’t high in the sky or near anywhere to land, so, naturally, I wondered what the hell it was doing.
      I didn’t exactly like the looks of this, but I have a tendency to let my imagination get the best of me and roam places that it shouldn’t, so I asked Derek, my “big brother” of sorts.
:iconits-veronica:its-veronica 1 0
Vaccinations: Prologue
      I lazily pulled my eyes open. I did not want to go to school today. I mean, I don’t want to go to school any day; school was horrible, boring, and at least a dozen other unpleasant feelings that all combine into an indescribably unpleasant emotion. However, on this Monday in particular, I was not even in the mood to move a muscle. It was the first day of my seventh grade year, and -completely unlike my confident self- I was nervous. I did not want to have six different classes instead of sixth grade’s comfortable three. I did not want to have my homeroom teacher -Mr. Jade- only because there is a popular rumor that he has thrown a desk out the classroom window a couple years back in a fit of rage at one of his students. No thank you; I would like my desk on the floor, please.
      As for the rest of my teachers -I was fine. I knew most of them from my older brother’s passing through my school, but I didn’t know how t
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Some Nights [ErenXReader]
You pulled your eyes open, pulling out some of your [H/C] locks from your eyelashes.
Some nights I stay up, cashin’ in my bad luck…
Some nights I call it a draw…
You lazily threw your covers off, shivering as the cold air hit your skin. You turned your head looking for him to snuggle into. He wasn’t there. You didn’t want to wake up today.
Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle; some nights I wish they’d just fall off…
But I still wake up…
You finally pulled yourself out of bed, and stumbled tiredly to the kitchen. You began to brew your coffee. You could still see him sitting at the table – his turquoise eyes full of life and grazing over your figure; his signature sideways grin present on his face, happy to see you. But it wasn’t there.
“[F/N]! LOOK OUT!” You heard.
You turned to see an abnormal sprinting in your direction. You tried to pull out your sword, but it was stuck. You frantically pulled i
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To Those Hurting :)
      Hey, guys! ^w^
      So, as of today – I am three weeks clean!
I’m so happy. I honestly never thought I would make it this far. The longest I’ve gone without cutting until today is a little over a week (11 days).
However, I’m not here to brag. I’m here to share a few kind words to those hurting like I was.
First: You’re not worthless. I know that sounds like the bullshit everyone says – but it’s true. You have some value – even to those you think want you dead. There would be an emptiness in their lives if you disappeared. I promise. You need to believe that they are wrong, because they are. You’re not fat – you’re YOU. Not anyone else. Some people just are that way – YOU are just that way. There’s no helping it. I’ll tell you right now you’re going to be judged no matter what you do. So, you might as well be happy. That applies to all labels –liar,
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Truth or Dare [MakotoXReader] (Free!)
      Your doorbell rang.
      You felt two arms wrap around your neck and hold you tight. “Hi, Nagisa-kun,” you greeted, laughing lightly and hugging him back. Haru walked in behind him and patted you on the head -still unsmiling, but you could tell he was happy to see you. Then came Rin, who bared his sharp teeth at you playfully and ruffled your hair before entering. Then Rei, who greeted you formally –“Good evening, [L/N]-Senpai.”- fixing his glasses and entering. Finally, Makoto. He smiled warmly at you and gave you a quick hug. “Hi, [F/N]!” he cheered. “Hi, Mako-chan.”
      You were all having a sleepover at your house that night, to celebrate the team making it to National’s. The Iwatobi boys were like your brothers –you, their little sister.
      And they mean little.
      You were an even five fee
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Merry Christmas [ErenXReader]
~Merry Christmas~
      It was December 25th, and boy – were you excited!
      You were just like a little kid, –which your boyfriend, Eren, found adorable- always so excited to open your gifts, tossing the bright wrapping paper everywhere, enjoying the crinkly sounds as you squished it into a ball and shot it into the trash.
      You weren’t just all about getting gifts, though. You loved giving them as well, especially since you joined the Survey Corps.
      Since you joined the military, there have been rare occasions where your friends were happy. Christmas was one of those rare occasions.
      You hopped out of your bunk – you slept on top with Mikasa on the bottom bunk- and immediately woke Mikasa up.
“MIKA, MIKA! WAKE UP, IT’S CHRISTMAS!!” You cheered, poking her cheek and waking up the other girls.
“Jesus, [F/N]. Shut the fuck up,
:iconits-veronica:its-veronica 83 42
Sweet Little Bunny [BertholdXReader] (Final)
Berthold carried you to the Squad Leader’s office. He knocked softly, turning the knob when he heard the brunette sing, “Come innn~!”
      She hugged you tightly. You squirmed under her grasp until she let go. “GEEZUS, HANJI! What do you need me for?” She smiled brightly. “I figured out what’s wrong with you!”
“So, you’re going to hate me, but I took a blood test while you were asleep…”
      Berthold shifted his weight like a little kid, looking at his feet. “Well, yeah… but she made me swear not to tell you until she analyzed it…”
“The night when you went to sleep as a kitty…”
“W-Will do…
:iconits-veronica:its-veronica 29 10
Goodnight, Little Pup [BertholdXReader] (Sequel)
“A DOG?!” You barked.
Berthold chuckled. “Yes, a dog.” He patted your head.
      You yipped happily and licked his hand again. In shock from your sudden actions, you covered your mouth with your hand. Er… Paw.
“What kind of dog even am I?” You whined, patting over to the bathroom.
      In your dog form, you’d grown, so now you could barely see over the counter to see the mirror on your tip-toes.
“A POMERANIAN?!” You barked.
      Berthold laughed again. “You look so cute~” He sang. You blushed and put your front paws on his leg, standing on your hind-legs just like a canine.
“I WANNA GO ON A WALK!!” You cheered.
      You looked behind you and saw your tail wiggling cheerfully. You glared at the tuft of fur. “Grrrr…” You growled.
      You yipped loudly and jumped at the fur. You landed harshly in a big fluffy
:iconits-veronica:its-veronica 27 10


(AU) Eren x Reader - Tickle Fight
Groaning, I stretch my arms up, hitting my boyfriend's nose in the process. 
"Eeeeeren. I'm bored."
Eren sighs, and looks away from his book for a second.
"It's a pleasure to meet you bored." He sticks his tongue out in a mocking form, then turns back to reading whatever he was reading. It appeared to be a horror novel. 
Puffing out my cheeks, I purse my lips. That obviously didn't faze him, so I have to think of something different.
Suddenly an idea pops into my head, and I smirk evilly.
Slowly slding my body around so that I rest on my stomach, I reach my hands out and bring them to Eren's sides. He was still completely oblivious, completely entranced into the book he was reading. 
Snapping my hands out, I begin to tickle the brunette causing him to drop the book, fall over onto his side and start laughing hysterically.
"(Y-Y-Y/n)! Stop! Hahahaha."
Smirking devilishly, I tickle him harder and climb onto him. Pinning him to the couch. 
As I was killing t
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 109 33
Sadness (Levi X OC!Carrie)
     Listen to either song while reading!
(Carrie’s P.O.V.)
     It all began with the return of the 57th Expedition outside the walls.  After what I’d just seen, the heartlessness of Captain Levi, sacrificing all the bodies of my comrades, just to halt the pursuing Titans so we could survive, I couldn’t find the appetite to eat.  My chin sat in my palm as I stared with lifeless eyes into my bowl of soup as I scooped some up and dropped it back in the bowl.  The shocking sight of my best friend, Petra Ral, falling to the filthy ground reappeared in my mind.
     All the survivors on their horses rushed as fast as they could to the safety of the gigantic walls.  Then two Titans came along.  In order to save the Corps and Cadets, Captain/Heichou demanded the release of
:icongermanshepherdluv426:GermanShepherdLuv426 16 2
Inspired by Connor Franta's video you can watch here

(Totally writing a songfic for this song later)
I feel like as a writer, I see the world a little bit differently than everyone else
I can explain to you the exact moment of a sunrise
In a thousand words, and in only one word
I can try to show you the world from my angle
It may be different, and a bit frightening at first
But I can assure you
Once you get past that layer
All you will see is beauty
Admittedly, I get angered over the little things,
And yet to me they're big
Maybe because of my normally short height. everything is big
Or, since my angle and view of everything is different
My values are different from the people I see day to day
The ones who say that people of a certain size cannot be beautiful
If their skin isn't the right pigment
If they're not talented at
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Yes, I Have a Penis
Yes, I Have A Penis
Do not assume (if I hold the door for you),
that I am making a statement
about your inabilities
to open the door for yourself.
If you hold it for me,
I'll say 'thankyou'.
Do not assume (if I pay for the meal),
that I am underestimating
your earning capacity
as a woman.
If you invite me out for a meal,
you're paying.
Do not assume (if I defend your rights),
that I am belittling
the attempts that you have made
to defend your rights yourself.
If you defend my rights,
I'll consider you human.
:iconsuperiorflowerpower:Superiorflowerpower 12,581 5,232
My Savior, His Angel (Levi x Child!Reader) Part 2
(A/N: Sequel to My Savior, His Angel (Levi x Child!Reader) Part 1 so check it!)
As the days went on you'd been spending more and more time with Levi. One day you slept in his room, another day he'd come visit your home. Finally, it got the the point where the two of you saw each other almost 4 days a week. But all of this time with you was taking a toll on Levi's work.
"Hey Levi, do you have anymore retreats?"
"A retreat? You know, your snack? I wanna try one."
"Do you even know what retreat means?"
"Well, it has treat in it so it has to be a snack, right?"
"And where did you learn that from?"
"From your report! I was teaching myself to read and I saw it in the paper. It said you guys retreated. I didn't know you guys ate snacks during a mission!"
Levi face palmed and sighed. "You idiot. Retreat means to fallback from battle." You looked at him con
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 144 58
That's So Gay
"That's so gay,"
Is what you say,
But silently,
You've pushed one
Of your friends away.
"Oh no, honey,
Boys don't play
With Barbie dolls."
By enforcing gender roles,
You are killing
Your kids,
And telling them
That you'll love them no matter what*
*Conditions apply.
Don't push your loved ones
With things you do or say,
Because words hurt;
But they hurt most
From the mouths of
The people that told you,
They'd always love you.
Saying, "that's so gay",
Or making them behave
In a gendered way,
Is telling them
That it's not okay
To be something
They can't help.
(And even if they could,
Why would
It matter?)
And it will hurt them
And every time you're together,
They'll be wondering;
"Am I wrong?"
"Do I really belong?"
Every time you say something like,
"That's so gay",
You burn someone's trust away.
And you can't build anything back
From ash.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 1,119 658
Coulrophobia (Levi x Fem!Reader) [AU]
(A/N: Coulrophobia = a fear of clowns.)
“I hate you Levi.”
“You’re the one who suggested this. Now suck it up and deal with the consequences of your stupid decision.”
~~~flashback time~~~
“(first) come here.” Levi was sitting in the bedroom of the small, extra clean apartment you two shared. It was a quiet friday night, just before All Hallows’ Eve, your favorite time of the year. You loved all things scary: ghost stories, horror movies, zombie apocalypses, murder mysteries, everything! But there was one thing you just couldn’t handle...
You entered the bedroom and found it empty. You boyfriend was nowhere in site.
You stood in the middle of your room in front of the bed and looked around. “Levi where are you?”
“Boo!” Two strong hands grips your shoulders and spun you around. At the mere site of the figure, you shrieked at the top of your lungs.
A big red nose.
Damn him. Damn him to hell! All week Levi
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 266 75
Levi x Reader x Eren - Huh???

Running through the halls, I stumble on a loose stone, nearly falling flat on my face. I manage to grab ahold of the wall and stop my fall. 
My pounding footsteps echo throughout the corridors, most likely awakening everybody at the base. But at this moment of time, I don't care. I can only hope I'm not too late.
After tripping over my own feet more times than I would like to admit, I arrived at the large wooden double doors. Throwing them open, I rush in.
"Where are they? Is anyone hurt? Anyone dead? What the heck did you do?!"
Hanji looks up from her book. "Ah yes you're here! Thank gosh. How are you tonight?" She grins at me while I scowl.
"Enough with the small talk. You had your damn assistant wake me up at 1 in the morning, claiming that Eren and the Corporal were in grave danger. So spit it out, where are they, and what happened?"
He chuckles. "About that.....I might have lied? Wait, wait, wait. Before you have my head for this, allow me
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 393 78
My Savior, His Angel (Levi x Child!Reader) Part 1
“Thief! Thief! That girl stole my bread!”
You were the aforementioned little girl, about 6 years of age, being accused of theft, and you were currently running away from the man at the stall that sells bread.
“I didn’t steal anything, you old geezer! I paid for it properly!”
“Someone stop her!”
“Oof!” You fell to the floor. “Hey watch it!- Uh oh...”
“Well, well, well... What do we have here? Another stupid kid trying to steal some food?” A member of The Garrison towered over your smaller figure.
“Hey! I’m not a stupid kid! And I wasn’t trying to steal anything! I already paid for it!” The man grabbed the back of your shirt and lifted you into the air. You flailed around wildly trying to escape, the loaf of bread still in your possession. “Let go! Put me down!”
“Not until you admit your crimes and pay for it.” He snatched the bread from you.
“Give it
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 141 32
Stray | Yato x Regalia!Reader
Listen as you read, if you like: [x]
    Soft, the onyx wefts were as you ran your fingers down, a gentle warmth bubbling within your chilled form. Gentle flakes of white continuously danced through the cloudy night. A shared jacket loosely hangs from your delicate shoulders, an arm draped beneath the thin jersey, adding a small layer of protection from the winter frost. His familiar, sweet aroma filled your reddened nose, a quiet vibration resonated through your thighs.
    A kitten. 
    A stray. 
    An onyx ball of fur with the same icy blue hues as the God huddled to your smaller form. 
    You had found the abandoned young one excavating through compost filled bins, scouring for even the little specks of discarded leftovers. A small sliver of tuna was enough to bring the thinning kitten to your side, his uncertain trust of you slowly f
:iconmisaki-botchan:Misaki-Botchan 200 21
I'll protect you - Levi x Reader
    You walked next to your boyfriend Levi, your hands linked together.  You let out a sigh of content and shifted closer to him.  "Thanks for taking me out to dinner babe..."  You gently placed a kiss on his cheek.  
    Levi hummed in response, squeezing your hand a bit tighter.  Sure he wasn't very open about his emotions, but that's one of the things you loved about him; you knew he loved you, he just had odd ways of showing it sometimes.  
    You looked up at the sky and noticed the darkening clouds.  "Ah... It looks like it's gonna rain..."  You looked around the road for a nearby taxi, but none were to be seen.  "C-can we hurry up?  I really don't like the rain..."  You looked back towards Levi, a pout on your lips.  
    "No."  Levi's bluntly replied; he was having a good time and he wasn't going to let it get interrupted by some stupid weather.  
:iconnaomichibanchan:Naomichibanchan 222 92
Jean x Chubby!Reader (Request)
Jean x Chubby!Reader (Request for :icon1jaegermeister1:)
‘(y/n)! (y/n) guess what!’  A loud voice calls from behind as your best friend comes running down the halls trying to catch you before you go into your next class. You pause, halfway through the door to your classroom and turn towards your friend, wondering what could possibly have her so excited.
‘(y/n) guess what?’ She asks again, now standing right in front of you, slightly out of breath from running, her eyes filled with joy and excitement.
‘What’s up?’ You question, an expectant look on your face.
‘(Boy name) JUST ASKED ME OUT!!’ She practically squeals as she jumps up and down, earning judgmental stares from both you and all the people passing by. (Boy name) had been her crush for a long time now and more than anything you wanted to be happy for her.
‘Oh that’s great!’ You say with a faked smile and enthusiasm. Because in all honesty, you were not
:iconceader43:Ceader43 183 17
LevixReader [Pumpkin Carving][AU]
You grunted as you shifted the pumpkin in your arms as you walked down the isle of the store, you merely came here for a pumpkin as Halloween was around the corner and you decided to carve a pumpkin and place a candle in the pumpkin. You shifted the object and then smiled as you headed to the till to pay for the item you brought.
You mumbled something and reached your destination as you placed the item onto the surface. You pulled your purse out of your handbag and paid for the item you brought. You lifted the pumpkin into your arms and then walked off with your item you brought. You let out a grunt and then shifted the item.
You left the store and then headed to your car in the car park. You watched as children walked with their outfit for trick or treating. You smiled and kept on going to your vehicle. You unlocked the car pressing a button and then placed the pumpkin on the floor on the back of the passenger side. You closed the door and climbed into the driver seat as you placed th
:iconmeloncubes:MelonCubes 181 28
Life Of The Party (Eren X Reader)
I love it when you just don't care
I love it when you dance like there's nobody there
So when it gets hard, don't be afraid
We don't care what them people say

Eren glanced around the room, a small smile forming on his lips at the sight before him. Times like these really made him think of how human everyone was. They all wanted time to relax, they all wanted to have fun. It was good for everyone to stand around every now and then just to socialize and not think about constantly fighting.
Although it irked him a bit how Jean was attempting to flirt with Mikasa.
“Hey, Eren, stand up.”
Eren looked over his shoulder, meeting a pair of (e/c) eyes. “What? Why?”
She grinned, grabbing his hands. “Dance with me, Eren!” she said, pulling him to his feet.
Eren’s eyes widened as he glanced around. “What? Here? Now?” She nodded, a bright gleam in her eyes. “But… everyone’s here. Isn’t that a little embarrassing?
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